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Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography

Where my nick begins…

My first encounter with the underwater environment, unfortunately, wasn’t Sir David Attenborough’s absorbing nature documentaries. Believe it or not, it was James Bond and the movie Thunderball! But as it were, finances did not permit me to venture into scuba diving until I had finished my university education. No less, I have been diving for about 30 years now.

Selfie, me and my daughter.  Lembeh, Manado, Indonesia, 2014.  Guess I should put a photo of me here, but being slightly private, I prefer not to unveil myself.  Ha ha.  Anyway, I tried to do this with the sunburst behind me, guess I have some success here.

Photography and Lens Repair

My earliest venture into photography was around 1979; I was given a hand-me-down Fujica 35EE fixed lens rangefinder.  I didn’t like it as my aspiration outsized my father’s wallet. I yearned for SLR photography and lenses on magazine pages. 

Today I have a number of cameras, and have gone into repairing of lenses, and hope to embark on cameras soon. If you are interested in lens repairs, please visit the companion site: https://diediemustdive.wordpress.com/

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