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Temporary landing page – our website is ready!

If you are still arriving here via the correct address, we will need you to clear your browser’s cache – the cache is remembering the redirection to this temporary landing page.

If you have arrived here via another route, please use to get to our main page.

We have continued to upkeep our resort and maintain everything and we are ready to serve you! It has been very tough day-by-day but we are we are looking at a slow but steady recovery.

See you at K2 Lembeh soon!


11 April 2022: K2 Hosted Manado Health Ministry Polytechnic students to collect community data

We are rebranding!

This is a temporary landing page, but don’t worry, this is not a hijack redirection!

As we began 2020 the management at K2 Lembeh started to work on revamping our website and rebranding our dive resort and services.  And then Covid-19 struck… and we were kind of left stranded, for a couple of months.  But then, it is a good time to do the work planned!

First thing first – our brand identity will be K2 Lembeh.  The web address will continue to work, for now re-directed to this page, and later, likely by late October or early November 2020, to our permanent new page

The same but different

What do our customers like about K2 Lembeh?  Great diving, personalized dive guide services, comfortable villa setting, great local food, and a generally tranquil environment to relax and unwind!

These will remain.

We are working on upgrading our webpage, providing more interactive experience and generally make our page more informative and easier to use.

(Click to view larger images)

And you will continue to have eagle-eye dive guides who are expert spotters of rich marine life, great at guiding photographers, and we are also upgrading our other services.

More news information about us are in the links below, and you can email us at

More News About K2 Lembeh

Stay tuned … more news about K2 Lembeh Dive Resort will be posted regularly, to keep you updated on how we are doing.

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